A Taste Of Cuba!

Meats and main dishes:
Picadillo (hash)
Ropa Vieja (shredded beef)
Arroz con Pollo (chicken and yellow rice)

Vegetables and Side Dishes:
Moros (black beans and rice)
Yuca (cassava)
Platanos Dulces Fritos (fried sweet plantains)

Coffee and Dessert:
Cafe con Leche (coffee with milk)
Flan (baked custard)
Pudin de Pan (bread pudding)



Most people who have never experienced a Cuban meal assume that the taste is similar to Mexican food. Actually, Cuban recipes share spices and techniques in common with Spanish cooking, not Mexican, with a little Caribbean thrown in for flair and flavor.

In general, the ingredients in Cuban cooking are not exotic or difficult to find. Some specialty items may be found in Hispanic markets.

Cuban bread, unfortunately, is not to be found outside Tampa or Miami. Much like the San Francisco sour dough bread, Cuban bread is imitated elsewhere, but never perfected. Italian bread or French bread are acceptable substitutions, but they are not the same.

Fresh vegetables, meats, and herbs are a must. Spices may be dried, but everything else must be fresh. Instant rice should never be substituted for long grain white rice.

The recipes found at my site are simple to prepare, everyday family style recipes that would be typically served in a Cuban-American home in Tampa or Miami. Both cities have extensive Cuban populations.

Enjoy the recipes!

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