8 Things Van Dwellers Often Forget

When starting your engines or when you are on the road, small mistakes can get you into trouble. No matter what anyone tells you, van life is all about making it simple and living minimal. Obviously, every van dweller is a newbie at some point and is likely to make mistakes. Here are 8 things you should not forget:

  1. Test Driving the Van

Before purchasing the van, examine it thoroughly and give it a test drive. You are going to be living in this van for a considerable amount of time and most probably moving it a lot too. Take it out for a run and see if you like it. Also check if it needs any repairs and the space it offers is enough for you.

  1. Making Your Van Warm

In winter it can get unbearable to live in your van if it is not properly insulated. Make sure that you have thought through how you are going to keep your van and yourself warm. Keep a small heater and take warm clothes with you.

  1. Duplicate Keys

Often times you lock yourself out of your van and if that happens on an isolated point or road, then you are in for some long walking and of course a lot of panicking (although you should not). Do not forget to make duplicates of the keys and keep them on your person at all times or maybe tape them up firmly somewhere under your van.

  1. Air Conditioning

Just like heating, you would also need air conditioning. Do not compromise on that in order to buy a cheap van as on hot days you will sweat and get dehydrated.

  1. Precautionary Items

You are on the road and you never know when you might need some protection. Therefore, do not forget to keep materials like pocket knife, a rope, first aid kit, auto repair kit, extra batteries or even a carbon monoxide alarm. These will help you a lot in case of an emergency.

  1. Eating Well

Your health is absolutely important and you must not compromise it especially when you are on the road. Eat nutritious meals and keep a balanced diet. Even though you do not have a toilet in the van drink lots of water so you are always hydrated. You might be forced to eat packed food from the supermarket but try to eat fresh meals every once in a while.

  1. Laundry

Leaving your dirty laundry in the van is like openly welcoming bacteria and odor into your van to travel with you. Make sure you wash your clothes right after you take them off.  You can easily locate a laundry service no matter what town you are in.

  1. Cleaning

Keeping your van and yourself clean is necessary. Do not think it is hard to get clean as you can find shower facilities in gyms and there are lakes and springs too. If you are using dishes and cutlery, wash them before sacking off at night.


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