A Word On Tiny House Refrigerators

When we talk about tiny houses, one of the things that’s most discussed is storage ideas. However, apart from storage, you also need essential appliances to help you everyday. Even if you plan to go tiny, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your appliances. They are still important because they make living easier.

One of those that you shouldn’t live without is a refrigerator. It keeps your food fresh and there are many choices available nowadays.

Choosing A Refrigerator

When choosing a refrigerator, one of the first things you should think of is how to power it. Is your house going to run on solar power or are you still going to be connected to the grid? Refrigerators use a lot of power as what is commonly known and if your tiny home is powered by solar, it can use up a lot of its reserved power.

Another consideration to make is the size of the refrigerator. Some people love large refrigerators because of their huge capacity. Sometimes that can also backfire because instead of preventing food to spoil, you may forget about the food and it spoils anyway. 

For tiny homes, tinier refrigerators are also best but those that really like larger ones can customize their homes to their liking. The size of the refrigerator will depend on how many people are living in a tiny home, how often you eat at home and how much fresh produce you eat.

Lastly, you should also consider the budget and aesthetics. There are lots of refrigerator options today that’s great for tiny houses. Below are a few ideas on what refrigerators to get for your tiny home. 

Refrigerators For Tiny Homes

  1. Propane Refrigerators – These are great for those who have solar powered homes and are looking for another way to power their refrigerator. This is best for those who live in areas with moderate climates. There are also great propane units that are specifically made for RVs that you can get for your home. 
  2. Energy Efficient Refrigerators – There are some energy-efficient units that don’t use up much power. Although you may need to improve your solar power system, it would be worth it. 
  3. 4 c.f Refrigerators – If you’re still on the grid, small refrigerators like this one are ideal especially if you are living alone. It can still accommodate a lot and you’ll definitely see every food put in. 
  4. 18 c.f. Refrigerators – These are larger units and are better for families that consume a lot of fresh produce. They do take up a lot of room but will fit perfectly if you opt for a tiny home with a larger kitchen. 
  5. Fridge Drawers – Fridge drawers are very innovative and they save space but they can be more expensive than conventional refrigerators. Nevertheless, they are still a good option if you are into space-saving appliances.