Big Ideas For Tiny House Bathrooms

Have you ever wondered how a bathroom fits in a tiny house? Did you think that you had to give up a shower or a tub just to save some space? Although you can do that, it is really not necessary.

You can have a bathroom with a shower and a tub in your tiny home. It can even feel luxurious if you only know how to design it well. To help you with that, we’re giving you some ideas that you can do to your tiny house bathroom.

Modern Bathtub In The Back

For better use of space, you can place a bathtub that fits perfectly at the back part of your bathroom. You gain access to it from the front so it won’t need any space on the sides. It can be fitted from wall to wall to use up all the space.

Improve the design by adding some modern lighting and modern fixtures. You can even choose beautifully crafted flasks as shampoo containers to elevate the modern stylish look.

Bathroom With Washer And Dryer

To use up all the space, you can also place a washer dryer on one side of the bathroom. You can even put a countertop over the washer dryer so you can add more vanity space.

Go For A Corner Shower

A corner shower is a great space saver. For more privacy, you can place frosted glass doors but if you’d like a clean and sleek style, getting clear glass doors will look great.

Rustic Galvanized Tub Or Wooden Tub

For a rustic themed home, a galvanized tub adds a luxurious touch without being too heavy. It is a durable metal that can be easily fitted in your bathroom. Place it just beside a window for that breathtaking view while you soak and relax.

A rustic themed home can also look great with a huge wooden tub. Just hang the shower curtains in a ring and you have a rustic yet stylish shower and tub area in your bathroom.

Aside from these bathroom ideas, you can further improve your tiny house experience by reading our storage ideas for tiny homes.