Choosing Appliances For Your Tiny Kitchen

Are you planning to live in a tiny home or are you already living in one? What kitchen appliances do you have or plan to have? Are you still confused and worried about which to get so you can properly prepare your favorite dishes?

Well, say no more, we are here to help you once again.

In a previous post, we’ve focused on toilet options for tiny homes and now we’ll go straight ahead into the kitchen for the appliances.

The Appliances You Can’t Live Without

Generally, appliances take up space and need access to your power source. So when choosing appliances to buy, these factors are the first ones that you should consider. We all know that there’s a lot of appliances out there but consider whether you really need to get them. Most people can get by without getting every appliance available out there. 

Depending on your lifestyle and preference, there may be some appliances that you simply can’t live without. If you are a big baker, an oven is a must-have for you but many people do well without it. However, before you make that list of appliances you think you need, consider your lifestyle and the space you have available in your kitchen. 

Once you’ve done that and listed all that you think you need, it’s time to do your research and find the best products to invest in. Go for quality products that are built to last. It’s also a good option to choose products that offer multiple functions.  

Factors In Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

Aside from simply determining what appliances you think you need, here are some factors that you should consider when building your list. These will help you end up with appliances that you don’t only want but those that you can use in your tiny home. 

Your Tiny Home’s Power Source

One of the most important things to consider when selecting an appliance for your tiny home is your source of power. How do you plan to power-up your home? Are you still on the grid? Do you have your own generator? Are you using solar and storing electricity on batteries? Know that kitchen appliances can drain much electricity when used. Make sure your power system can handle the use of such appliances or you can also limit your use.

The Kitchen Ventilation

Tiny houses are a lot smaller and that can also mean that what you cook in the kitchen can easily be smelled throughout the house. That is if you don’t have a proper ventilation system. Ventilation systems don’t only help remove bad smells, they also help remove bad air or smoke in the kitchen. They are usually large tubes and are installed directly above the stove. 

If you still don’t have your ventilation system installed, consider that it will also take up some space so that storage space for appliances above the stove might not be available. 

Water Source And Drains

Aside from requiring power, some appliances might also need a water connection and a drain. Dishwashers are one of them and if you plan to get one, make sure you’ve planned where to place it so that it has easy access to water and drains. Also, make sure that you have an adequate source of flowing water from your tank into the appliance. Drain pipes should also be checked to see that they are properly fitted and connected so they don’t create puddles outside that can ruin the house. 

Plugs And Outlets

Aside from the power source, you should also consider if you have enough plugs or outlets for your appliances. Some don’t need to be plugged in all the time but there are others that do. If they are already plugged in, would you still have enough for the other ones you need to use? Also, make sure that the cord of the appliances reaches the outlets when positioned on the countertops.