Need To Move Your Tiny Home? Here’s How…

As I sit and write this month’s post, I am looking out in the azure blue, ocean-like lake they call Michigan on a chilly morning in April.

A mere 2 weeks prior, I was sipping Piña Coladas watching the sunrise in my tiny home on a property just outside in Santa Fe.

So yeah, we moved.

Fortunately I’ve been blessed to have a friend with water front views of Lake Michigan and enough land and privacy to accommodate my trailer-bound tiny home through the summer without arousing neighbor’s, or the local zoning committees interest.

Unfortunately Chicago, and the near-north suburbs of Chicago, aren’t all that friendly for tiny dwellers like myself, with zoning restrictions that make it impossible live in your tiny home for more than 2-week at any one time.

While some of my tiny-home friends love to stay put in their homes, I personally love to have option to be able to up-stakes and leave on a moments notice, and with the wide variety in design functionality now available it’s more possible now than ever.

So with the move fresh in my mind I wanted to share some insights on transportation options for your respective tiny-home move, as well as share some from other’s in the tiny-home community that have taken more of a DIY approach.

Hiring A Towing Company To Move Your Tiny Home

Moving your belongings is stressful, but moving your belongings AND your home at the same time takes the worry to a whole new level. I’m no DIYer, and towing my home behind our truck was never an option. This wasn’t my first move, and this time – just as times past – I’ve always had success using local towing companies to do the job.

For those interested in a solid towing company for the NW Suburbs, I’d recommend Schaumburg-based All Set Towing Company. They did a great job, honored their commitments, and were extremely cost competitive.

Hiring a towing company has its perks. They are well experienced in towing so they can be better at estimating or maneuvering their trucks with your tiny home attached to them. That would lessen the risk of your tiny home getting damaged because of driving mistakes. 

Another perk is that you won’t have to get tired of driving the vehicle for long hours especially if you are moving it to a far location. You can take the plane and wait for it at its destination. With that, you won’t be stressed out because of driving especially if the weather condition is not at its best. 

How To Select A Towing Company To Move Your Tiny Home

All towing companies have powerful trucks to tow your vehicle. They have heavy-duty trucks that have high pulling capacities. However, not all of them may be ideal for the job. That’s why it is best to find those who already have experience in moving tiny homes. 

Towing companies are usually hired to tow cars but your tiny home may be larger and heavier than a usual car. That can make it more challenging to tow, especially when there are tight turns. One of the best things to do is to first do your research about the towing company. Take a look at their reputation and experience. 

I prefer a business listed in Angie’s List and ideally one with a good BBB rating.

If you have friends who also own tiny homes, you may seek out help from them about choosing a towing company to move your tiny home. Your tiny home builder may also be of help as they could also know someone reputable to move your home. 

Transporting A Tiny Home On Your Own

So you wanted to move your tiny home. You have a car and your tiny home has wheels. So do you just connect your tiny home to your car and drive off? Although moving a tiny home is easy, doing that without proper considerations can ruin your car, your tiny home, or both.

Some cars aren’t made to pull a lot of weight. Let’s face it, your tiny home is heavy. If you really want to use your vehicle, first check if your pickup has high pulling power. Usually, about 3500 lbs and above can be safely used to tow a tiny home. 

Sedans and SUVs could also be used. However, that will depend on the size and weight of your tiny home. Remember that it is also filled with your properties so that will add to the weight. That’s why it’s best to use a powerful and heavy-duty truck to tow it. 

Aside from the proper selection of the right vehicle to tow your tiny home, you should also make sure that the hitch trailer mount is strong enough for your tiny home. If you own a small vehicle, it would be better to rent out a truck if you really want to move the tiny home on your own. Another alternative is to leave it in the hands of professional towing companies.