The Psychological Effect Of Tiny Houses

Let’s face it; the blogs that we read and the news that we hear makes us think that living in a tiny house is somewhat gloomy. If you can’t afford normal living then you should go for a tiny house and what not. In fact, the reality is different. Most people that are living in a tiny house chose this lifestyle; most of them can easily afford normal houses. So, what is the reason behind it? Well, living in a tiny house can actually make you happier.

Let’s find out how…

The Dream Life

There are two angles to this debate.

People who can’t afford to own a house can actually own a tiny house pretty easily. Be free from life-long debts and start doing something more creative. Tiny houses can get you free from financial burden within no time and soon you’ll find yourself doing what you love.

People who are wealthy enough to afford their own normal house also prefer to stay in tiny houses. Why? Because they just like it, they feel happier, closer to nature and appreciate the simple way of living.

No matter how small the tiny house is, it still has all the basic necessities of life like the kitchen, bathroom, rooms, etc. It’s a place, which you can call your own, a place you can call HOME. This, in itself, is a huge plus for mental health.


We are living in a society where life has become a race. We have left the basics behind and started running after artificial things. Tiny house living brings you closer to the actual life, it open doors to simplicity and brings you closer to nature.

The simpler lifestyle has many positive effects on one’s mental health. It shows them the meaning of “less is more” and they eventually become thankful for what they have, which in fact is all we need.

People with even small apartments are challenged by utility bills and maintenance cost. With tine houses, this is not the case, everything you use is yours and something that you can afford. Tine house dwellers also live like a single community; they help each other and share ideas frequently. This also positively affects your health and makes you feel like a strong system.

Saving the Environment

If you are someone who is burdened by the role we play in damaging the environment, then the tiny house is what you should consider. Most tiny houses are eco-friendly and in fact, positively affect the surroundings. Most tiny house dwellers grow their own food, use solar energy and keep the environment natural. Knowing the fact that your lifestyle is actually helping the environment is a big accomplishment – at least for some of us.


Tine house living is a fantastic way of starting a new, revamped life, which cannot only impact you in a positive way but also the environment. It gives you a chance to be far away from the burden of our busy and corporate lifestyles and live like our elders used to!

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