Reasons Why I Chose To Live In A Tiny Home

As you all know, my husband and I live in a tiny home that we custom built for ourselves. We have countless awesome memories living in this tiny house and exploring North America with it. We love living in a tiny home so much that I created this blog to help promote tiny house living. 

I’ve encountered lots of people with different opinions about living in tiny houses. They have loads of questions from bathroom options, storage, kitchen appliances to living off the grid. One of the most common questions asked was “Why do people live in a tiny house?”

Why Do We Live In A Tiny Home?

Personally, we live in a tiny home because it is convenient for us. We have everything we need here and we get to travel with it. We also prefer sustainable living and appreciate the simplicity of life. While we’re at it, we also get to share our tiny home experience and expertise with other people who are willing to hear us out. It’s a win-win for us.

Reasons Why People Live In A Tiny Home

Have you ever thought about living tiny? What made you consider or even search for a tiny home living? Are you just curious or do you have other reasons? People living in tiny homes have different reasons for doing so. Some don’t just have a single reason but a combination of reasons like those cited below:

Living Sustainably

A very common reason why people choose to live in a tiny home is to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Tiny houses are more energy-efficient as compared to blogger alternatives. They simply consume less energy when it comes to heating, lighting, and cooling. Solar panels can be fitted in tiny house roofs to further lessen the carbon footprint. 

Less Maintenance

It may seem funny and shallow but a good reason to go tiny is to reduce upkeep. Do you feel like you don’t have lots of time doing what you really want because all you do is clean the house and make sure that it is up to your standards? 

With a smaller house, there is less to clean. There is limited space so clutter is minimized. It takes only minutes to sweep or vacuum as compared to a bigger house with multiple rooms. Also, the repair of your tiny house roof is much more affordable than repairing a roof of a full-sized home. 

House On Wheels

Just like us, there are many people who get into the tiny home community because they can take their houses with them anywhere. Do you want to wake up by the beach one day? Maybe you’d prefer mountainous scenery? You can do either with a tiny house on wheels. 

It’s great to take your home with you because you have the freedom to move anywhere at any time. It’s a great way to travel and still feel cozy at home. 

Low Cost

A smaller house is certainly a more cost-effective one. Usually, it would only cost about a tenth the price of a standard home. With reduced prices, it would be easier to have your own home without being in debt. Along with reduced cost, the taxes and insurance are expected to be lower too.