The Tiny House Stairs

The tiny house movement has been gaining momentum as more and more people are looking for a way to simplify their lives. One of the most challenging parts of living in a tiny home is figuring out how to use the limited space you have effectively. Many opt for lofts as a space saving part of the tiny home.

The staircase is one important part of your life that needs to be designed carefully, but it doesn’t need to take up valuable square footage or look like something from a scary movie either! By considering these five points, any staircase will work well with your small space:

1. Keep it short

Space is at a premium in a tiny house or even a small apartment, so don’t waste any of it with airy, extravagant staircases that stretch from floor to ceiling! A compact staircase can usually be tucked into a corner or built on an existing wall. You can even add one without altering the square footage of your house at all if you move the entrance point to another wall.

2. Make it multi-functional

Staircases are often built into storage areas in tiny homes because there is really no other place for you to stash away that extra suitcase or box of holiday decorations. You can also use the space under stairs for things like a fuse box, or even as a reading nook! You can double up on the amenities by having a sofa at the top of the stairs where your kids can sit and watch TV. If you have a small bedroom, you can fit a compact desk under the stairs so that it’s not taking up space in your living area.

3. Cool it with the banister

If you like to keep your staircase clean and free of clutter, then the last thing that you want is a heavy, solid banister that’s impossible to move around. Instead, choose an open-style railing so that there are no obstructions and it will be easier for you to get up and down. You can also paint it a bright color so that it adds a pop of personality to your home!

4. Optimize the storage space

If you opt for a staircase with storage, then you’ll be able to maximize every inch of your house and bring some order into your chaotic life. You can choose an under-stair cabinet to keep shoes, pet supplies, seasonal clothing, and toiletries all in one place. You can also use racks or hanging bars that are specifically meant for clothes. When you’re not using them as stairs, they do double-duty as a clothes rail where you can hang your outfits for the next day.

5. Make it sturdy

You don’t want your stairs to creak or wobble when you put weight on them, especially if they are in a shared space like the living room. A metal staircase is incredibly strong and with proper support, will last through all of your years of usage. You can choose an industrial-style one if you are going for a modern look that will fit into your minimalist décor.