Our Top 10 Tiny Houses for 2017

  • Little Chatt Tiny House - Front Door

A beautiful, modern tiny home designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes and available for rent at Live A Little Chatt!

Walking through the large, sliding-glass-door entrance of the home, you will find yourself standing in the foyer. Turn your head to the to the right, and you will see the bathroom on the main level; look up, and you will see the lofted king-sized bedroom above it.

In the bathroom, you’ll encounter a standard toilet upon entrance. To the right you’ll notice the large bathroom vanity featuring white cabinets, shelving for storage and a washing machine compartment below the countertop. To the left of the bathroom you will see the shower.

If you exit the bathroom, cross the foyer and head up a few stairs, you will enter the spacious chef’s kitchen. This kitchen features peacock gold, granite countertops with white cabinetry, a large farmer’s sink, full-sized refrigerator/freezer and 4-burner induction cooktop. Cooking in this kitchen will be no problem because the amount of counter-space could rival that of a small apartment!

Now, for the special features! The Alpha tiny house has a floor to ceiling garage door with modern glass windows that give the house an open and airy feeling even when the door is closed. However, if you want to shut yourself in and leave the world for a while, the deck and awning that lie perpendicular to the garage door are retractable!

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