Our Top 10 Tiny Houses for 2017

  • Custom 250 Sq Foot Tiny House

Take a peek Inside the Cutest Little 250-Square-Foot Mobile Farmhouse…

It took the designer over 700 hours to make, almost entirely from scratch.

We’ve seen a lot of impressive tiny houses in our time, but this one is extra special. Almost every square inch of its 250 square feet was hand-crafted by one man, designer Matt Impola.

Matt created the home as part of the Handcrafted Movement project, which was started in an effort to “play a part in the rebirth of American ingenuity and quality in manufacturing,” he says on his website. It took him a total of 700 hours to make over a 10-month period. (The tiny house was his “weekend project,” since he also has a full-time job.)

As soon as you walk inside the tiny home, a tidy and warm escape full of country character greets you. Natural light swims throughout the space, and farmhouse-inspired wood accents (most of which are made from salvaged/reclaimed wood) give it a rustic yet modern touch.

The home includes a 3-foot deep closet, a mini library, wall shelves and a pull-out couch with underneath storage. There’s also a built-in wooden dining table/desk area, and a ceramic sink that sits on top of concealed garbage and recycling receptacles. Next, a stove is surrounded by wooden countertops, perfect for whipping up breakfast or layering a lunchtime sandwich. The full kitchen also includes a hood fan, a two-door fridge, and extra storage built into the side of the staircase.

The two-toned stairs with wooden treads lead to a bedroom loft. Tucked in the corner of the home is a full-size bath with standing shower, built-in medicine cabinet, toilet, and cabinets.

The house is fully portable—it even has a mini garden station outside!

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